June 08, 2009

The Horrible Truth About The Internet (and Everything (and me))

It occurred to me after I wrote my cheerful piece about the futility of my blogging in particular, that I was nudging towards a wider point about the internet in general. Once again, maybe it's just me, but don't we all spend our time on the internet - making friends on Facebook, watching people jump into frozen lakes on YouTube, tweeting about our breakfast cereal - in order to be doing something? Partly to fill the gaps when we're bored, but more importantly, to feel like we're doing something significant, or that we're involved in something important. We're constantly being told that the internet is revolutionising our lives, our culture, our social relations. Like most parties, everyone else seems to be having more fun. So we hang round the edges of these various virtual dancefloors hoping that someone - Fate, Celebrity, Sex, Friendship - will notice our unique character, our Inner Light, and invite us out onto the floor.

Is this profound or insightful or just more internet bullshit, more striving for significance? The latter, probably. In which case, why post it? Go back to the top and start again.

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