June 19, 2009

Cor Blimey - Vintage UK Hip Hop Stuff

Got all nostalgic today and began looking up classic UK hip hop on YouTube. Really, how good is this stuff..? (The answer is VERY GOOD, smartarses).

Sindecut - "Live The Life". The Sindecut were just so good. Here, Crazy Noddy rips through his verses and all is right with the world.

London Posse - "Live Like The Other Half Do". Pure class, though overshadowed for sheer rarity value by London Posse - 1987 live

Gunshot - "Social Psychotics". Never one of my favourite acts, but a good representation of what would become Britcore.

Demon Boyz - "Rougher Than An Animal". Not their finest moment (which must be "Glimity Gamity") but fun...

Blak Twang - "Queen's Head" - From a later era than the rest, but Tony Twang and early Roots Manuva verse, plus guest cameos from Sean T etc... 1995? Seems like yesterday...

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