September 28, 2009

Techno Techno Techno Techno (part 2)... and Lispector

So, the good persons of 3:AM Press have started a Facebook page. By becoming a fan you can find out stuff about my upcoming book and what else they have planned. But you don't have to take the "fan" part too seriously...

While I'm feeling technologically empowered I've begun a story on Twitter. I don't really know how long I'll keep it up or where it's going yet. The only two rules are that I have to post at least seven times a week and that each entry has to be exactly 140 characters long. So have a look or follow it or whatever people do on Twitter. Oh, and remember to start at the bottom if you want to catch up...

And another thing. There was quite an interesting piece in the paper at the weekend - Lorrie Moore on Clarice Lispector. You can read it here.

September 21, 2009

New Book Coming Soonish!

At the end of last week I signed a contract in blood with 3:AM Press to publish (one of) my new book(s), called "work". It'll be coming out some time towards spring/summer in 2010. I'm absurdly excited. A few years ago, a particularly astute (if occasionally rather mad) friend and music business associate read one of my books and told me that I had made "the classic mistake. You're an indie artist and you signed for a major." At the time I told him that there weren't any real indies in UK publishing (a point which I could expand on and explain, if anyone were interested..). But now there is and suddenly the process of publishing feels a little more like I always felt it should. Oh, and the double-headed Andrew has even started a dedicated Twitter so follow it, follow it, follow it now (it's fun to have fun but you have to know how).

Officially an SF Writer

That's me, that is. At least, it must be because none other than the BSFA (or rather, Martin Lewis, sometime BSFA cohort) asked me to contribute to a pamphlet called "SF Writers On SF Films: From Akira To Zardoz". I'm presuming mine's in there though I haven't seen a copy yet. And you can't either, unless you're a member. The BSFA is hardcore like that. I will post my contribution here soon. Promise.
(Incidentally, should that title be "Officially an SF writer" or "Officially a SF writer"..? If I really were one I would surely know...)

September 02, 2009

Bob Mortimer - We Salute You!

Was bored and tired last night and trawled iPlayer for something to watch and there it was - the return of "Shooting Stars"! Apparently they stopped making it cos Bob got fed up with it but now they is back. And I still love Bob Mortimer. Vic always played the evil dictator and Bob his angelic stooge. It's great to have him back on screen, particularly as he has gone bald and has his hair unfashionably long at the back, whereas Vic is all bleached and styled and celebrity-knickers. A quiet telly genius. Vic needs Bob. Him on is own is a bit like watching an Ernie Wise special. Even that Matt Lucas is funny when basking in Bob's glow. Bob for Prime Minister!

Attack! Attack! Attack!

Most of the obituaries for Steven Wells focussed on his role as angry music journo for the NME (I know, an almost inconceivable notion in the era of Conor McCorporate of Top Gear future-fame). But he was also the man behind brief-supernova pulp-punk publisher Attack! Books. So the good people at 3:AM have organised a tribute to the man featuring readings (rants? sperm and blood-spattered ravings?) from the entire Attack! Books roster: Mark Manning, Stewart Home, Tony White, Tommy Udo and Stanley Manly. And it's free to get in. Should be fun.

16 September 2009
From 7.30pm
Basement, Zebrano 3am Bar, 18 Greek St, London W1

September 01, 2009

More Morrison

There's a big interview with Ewan Morrison over at 3:AM. It's very interesting. Read.