July 16, 2010

Zip It - free ebooks for all...

Inspired by the example of the mighty Wiley and in particular his assertion that "I've got all this music sitting on hard drives, and in the end it started to make me feel sick," I've decided to give away everything I've written since my last published book, "The Heritage".

You can download the whole lot in both .epub and pdf formats in a zip file from this link.

Actually, I'm exaggerating slightly, I haven't been able to collate all the short stories and other bits and pieces, so what you get is three novels...

Monsterboy - very strange, still and almost unreadable. Not for the faint of heart.
work - you'll probably enjoy the first two thirds or three quarters and then decide it's all gone Horribly Wrong.
After The Non-Event - no idea what you'll make of this as very few people have read it.

That's the order they were written in, if chronological integrity is of any importance to you...

If you like anything feel free to pass on to friends, colleagues, randoms.