October 06, 2008

Ubu Roi!

How to acknowledge a link w/out looking like you're name dropping, part 99. I recently read "The Broken World" by Tim Etchells and enjoyed it so much that, like the sad fanboy that I am, I 'befriended' him on Facebook. Recently Mr Etchells posted a link to www.ubu.com, describing it as "YouTube for the avant garde" and he wasn't wrong. If you've never been to the site I'd highly recommend it as it's an absolute treasure trove of 20th Century art, music and writing, with hundreds of audio clips and films. So far, some of my best finds include:
"Film" by Samuel Beckett starring Buster Keaton, which I haven;t seen for the best part of twenty years.
John Cage Meets Sun Ra, which I didn't even know existed.
And a doddery Bill Burroughs making his 'shotgun paintings,' because it's funny.
More will undoubtedly follow...

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