June 29, 2010

You see...

...as soon as I say I've shut it down I start posting again. I'm contrary like that.

Anyway, the reason is as follows. I'm one of the smugerati who have an iPhone and last week I got hold of iBooks, Apple's new app (see what they did there?) for reading ebooks. It's excellent, taking the best elements of the doughty Stanza, the look of another app called Classics and fitting it all seamlessly on your computer within iTunes. The big advantage of this is that we're all familiar with iTunes. Figuring out how to find or download or load an ePub file into Stanza was always a long thing, but with iBooks all you have to do is drag and drop into iTunes and it appears in a nice little folder labelled Books.

Anyway, to celebrate this momentous change in reading habits I'm giving away an ePub file of a short story I wrote a year or so ago called "Taking The Biscuit". I don't think it's been published before, although I read it rather badly at the Book Club Boutique and was met with a combination of indifference, disgust and mild nothingness. Ah well. Anyway, I transformed it into an ePUb file sometime last year and this morning I added a natty 'cover'.

There's nothing more to say. Don't just stand there, download now.

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