September 02, 2009

Bob Mortimer - We Salute You!

Was bored and tired last night and trawled iPlayer for something to watch and there it was - the return of "Shooting Stars"! Apparently they stopped making it cos Bob got fed up with it but now they is back. And I still love Bob Mortimer. Vic always played the evil dictator and Bob his angelic stooge. It's great to have him back on screen, particularly as he has gone bald and has his hair unfashionably long at the back, whereas Vic is all bleached and styled and celebrity-knickers. A quiet telly genius. Vic needs Bob. Him on is own is a bit like watching an Ernie Wise special. Even that Matt Lucas is funny when basking in Bob's glow. Bob for Prime Minister!

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Anonymous said...

Mate of mine got married to his niece. I sat behind the great man in the church and failed to work up the pluck/drink sufficient to speak to him after.
Sorry, I'm a bit behind with this aren't I