April 03, 2009

Random Links Galore

I'm not going to be posting for a wee while so I thought I would bombard you with a bunch of links to explore or ignore.

Check out Farafina, a Nigerian literary/cultural magazine, available to read online and with an interesting piece about Tayeb Salih, amongst other things.

Head to East London for a trip to Donlon Books for all your arty, political and theoretical needs (plus glass cases stuffed with rarities). They even have a rug on the floor.

If you read my post on Tony White's Science Musuem exploits, download Al Robertson's Pynchonian riffing on Mayan computing and then visit his blog for more.

Go to the Spill Festival, with highlights including Tim Etchells' That Night Follows Day.

Wait, barely daring to breath, for my new short story to appear on Dogmatika (if I remember to send it off.... And they still want it...)

Listen to random wibble on Spotify.

And that's it.

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