March 25, 2009

James Lasdun on't radio

It's not often you hear anything that doesn't set your teeth on edge on Radio 4's Book at Bedtime. However, last night I happened to hear a short story called "Annals of the Honorary Secretary," brilliantly read by Bill Paterson. It was superb. You can listen to it here, plus Monday's story. There are also three more to come this week, at 10.30pm each night, or on the same link. The stories are by James Lasdun, who I think I have confused in my head with someone who wrote airport novels about samurai. I don't really know anything about him, but he apparently won the National Short Story Award last year and lives in New York. His new book is called "It's Beginning To Hurt" and seems like it should be worth a look. Though, as he's all over R4 he hardly needs me to tell you that...

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