February 05, 2009

Walser, Brothers Quay, Schulz, McBurney, Lowry and Safran Foer - name-tag from the sublime to the ridiculous

Was thinking of another post I could write about Robert Walser when I came across the Brothers Quay's film of "Jakob Von Gunten," which is called "Institute Benjamenta," hence (presumably) explaining the previously-referred-to name change of the book. From there I checked out other things they had done and came across their much-praised and admired stop motion film of version of "Street of Crocodiles" by Bruno Schultz. Which set me thinking about Simon McBurney and Complicité, whose stage version of "Street of Crocodiles" I saw more years ago than I would prefer to discuss. From there I ruminated on Complicite's new production at the Barbican which I'm going to see a week on Saturday, how I think they should do a production of "Under The Volcano" (McBurney would be an excellent - if slightly old - Geoffrey Firmin) and whether they've fallen off a little in recent years (I know everyone went mad over "A Disappearing Number" but I thought it was a bit thin, really, in particular the over-emotive ending, which seemed to be put there to disguise the fact that they didn't know how to pull it all together - "make 'em cry and no one will ask..."). Anyhow, I looked at this piece on the Times Scabline and all my worst fears were confirmed - McBurney and co are about to work with Jonathan Safran Foer. God help them.

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