December 05, 2008

Phorm and Content - Norman Lamont wants your Deep Packets

A couple of interesting pieces on Bad Idea's blog about the internet advertising company Phorm. The first focusses on the addition of Norman Lamont to their board of directors and the second on the simultaneous appointment of Kip Meek, one of the founders of Ofcom, apparently... The MD of Phorm, incidentally, is called Kent Ertugrul, which makes me wonder if Thomas Pynchon is now in charge of naming business executives...

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JC Thomas said...

Any UK citizen would do well to complete these two tasks:

1) Sign the Downing Street petition against Phorm being used by ISPs. Over 19000 people have signed and it is the 4th biggest petition but if you have not signed yet and you think Phorm is wrong: SIGN!

2) Write to the Crown Prosecution Service who are currently deciding if there is sufficient "Public Interest" to take BT to court for their secret trials of 2006 & 2007 where they intercepted communication without a legal warrant. Even the police can't intercept communication without a warrant, we cannot let BT get away with this (10,000 customers were involved without their permission and they were not told about it)

Mr Andrew Hadik
Crown Prosecution Service
Complex Casework Centre
50 Ludgate Hill