November 08, 2008

Mark Waldron - Dogs, Sex and TV Programmes from the70s

As you'll know if you've looked at recent posts, I read at the 3:AM PP evening last Tuesday. And what larks it was. Also on the bill was a poet called Mark Waldron, who I hadn't come across before. He was promoting his new book, "The Brand New Dark," published by Salt, read from memory (if that isn't a contradiction?) and performed a section from a long, erotomaniacal piece about Dougal's obsession with Florence. It was intriguing enough to follow up online and - thanks be to Salt! - I found you could download a pdf of some of the poems. I haven't had a chance to read them all yet, but my first impressions are very good. Now I just need to buy the book...

(Incidentally, looking for an image I stumbled across this cover to the soundtrack to "Dougal & The Blue Cat" and a shudder of cold fear riffled through me. Does anyone else remember how terrifying "Dougal & The Blue Cat" was? (Apologies for the middle aged nostalgia confessional)).

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