April 04, 2008


Still waiting, scared to open the weekend papers, but have had a couple of nice ones:

"The Heritage is a disturbing, sophisticated and brilliant novel. With Dickensian brio, Ashon creates characters, handles plot effectively and writes so well ... a twisting, turning, riveting journey of grubby sex, criminality, sperm clinics and grim discovery. This is fresh, serious, explicit, unsettling fiction." - Irish Times

"A completely assured - if intensely discombobulating - book, The Heritage has "cult classic" written all over it, but also suggests a writer with a great future." - Word Magazine

I don't think you can read either of them in full online and, in fact, I haven't read them in fullmyself, so I can't certify 100% that they don't also say I'm a bit rubbish.

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