May 22, 2007

New Direction...

I've decided that I'm a pretty poor blogger. I don't really want to share my most intimate thoughts and secrets. And despite considering myself a fairly opinionated person, I don't seem to want to offer opinions either. Some of my links have been good, but besides that, I don't think I'm playing to my strengths here!

Which is why I've just launched The Last Ape House.

"The Last Ape House" is a story I've been working at on and off since 1999. I think parts of it are quite good. It comes in very small chunks and is accompanied by colourful pictures. So the idea is that I will publish a section of the story every day (or as near as I can manage) either until I reach the end or until I reach the point where I haven't written any more (I have about 70 days grace before things become serious).

Vernaland will continue to be updated, but maybe more irregularly and more on a news-and-information basis rather than a thrashing-around-for-significance basis. So, please, have a look...

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