February 28, 2007

Their Office no.1

"So if I call you when I get to Liverpool Street can you go and get some cat litter?"

These are the first civil words I've heard from the office next door all day. There's a couple in there who I presume are married as well as running a small business together. I know when both of them are in their office because they argue, loudly and incessantly, with liberal use of the word "fuck" until he gets up and leaves again. It's distracting but also quite funny. Rather than wasting the best of their gems, I'm beginning an occasional series of them here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's like a mini-soap in there isn't it?, we tune in every now and then, by tuning in i mean you can't help but be sucked in, a little like Coronation Street, only in E17.