January 23, 2007

Books What I Read

I've been somewhat pathetic at updating over the last few months and I still can't think of anything interesting to write now (except for the attempts of a load of pirates to buy Sealand, which I've now spunked away in a parenthesis). So, instead here's a fascinating list of some of the books I've been reading in that time. It's neither complete nor accurate as it was put together only by what I could find lying next to my bed. Maybe I'll add commentary on them later...

H.G.Wells - Tono-Bungay
Joseph Conrad - The Secret Agent
Daniil Kharms -Incidences
Quincy Troupe - Miles and Me
Fyodor Dostoyevsky - Crime And Punishment
Jose Saramago - Blindness
Emmanuel Carrere - I Am Alive And You Are Dead
Steve Erickson - Days Between Stations
Harold Pinter - Plays: Vol 2
Harold Pinter - Collected Screenplays 2

It's pleasing in that it makes me sound much more intellectual than I actually am.

I've now embarked upon the Pynchon Challenge which means no new lists any time soon... I'll have to think of another way of appearing to be interesting...

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